The soar is graceful both in the sky and on the water. While swimming, it holds its wings above its back, never wetting them. Only the head and the long neck are plunged underwater.

The soar, Cicollum angustualum, an albatross-like, seaside pterodactyloid pterosaur that nests along shorelines of the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean, in The New Dinosaurs: An Alternative Evolution.

The waters of the world's oceans are in constant circulation, driven by the force of the winds across the surface. At certain places, particularly where the prevailing wind is blowing off the land or parallel to the coasts, the strong swirling currents bring cold nutrient-rich water up from the deep ocean floor. These areas of upwelling are found off the west coasts of North America, South America and Africa. The nutrient-rich water combined with the warm sun gives rise to blooms of floating plants in the surface waters, bringing in great shoals of feeding fish. Huge flocks of birds and pterosaurs also congregate in these areas and they hunt the fish.

One of the many types of pterosaur that have evolved a fishing way of life is the soar. With a wingspan of over 4 meters (13 feet), it can hover for long periods over likely ocean areas, looking for signs of fish shoals near the surface. When a shoal is sighted, whole flocks of soars settle on the surface, and start to fish by clipping their long heads and necks quickly under the water. The animal itself is never fully submerged. After gathering a full crop it takes off again, rising clumsily into the wind from the wave tops and flying unerringly back to its nesting island. While it is hunting in flocks in the open ocean, the soar occasionally falls prey to the bird-eating plesiosaurs (namely birdsnatchers).


The soar nests in flocks, forming rookeries on rocky islands. Hunting trips may take several days, after which the adult brings a crop full of fish back to feed the young.

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