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The squibbon is a terrestrial squid from The Future is Wild. An air-breathing cephalopod distantly related to the megasquid, the squibbon is almost totally arboreal, swinging through the trees and other plants such as the lichen tree of the Northern Forest. It appeared in, and is a popular icon of, The Future is Wild.

Young squibbons learn by playing.
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Rather than brachiating like modern apes such as gibbons, it has more flexible appendages and lacks the constraint of a rigid skeleton made of bone and cartilage that provides internal structure for vertebraes. Instead it's body holds form by a series of highly flexible but rigid muscles. It is shown to be highly crafty, employing foreign objects as weapons against a marauding megasquid. The squibbon is known to be a intelligent being, being the Proconsul of it's time, possibly giving rise to a civilization. They have advanced social groups, on a parallel or exceeding that of modern apes and dolphins. When defending against the megasquid, which preys on the squibbons, they will grab an object, like a seed, and throw it at the megasquid. The megasquid will be distracted, and a squibbon will carry the captured squibbon away.

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