The Stink-Fish, Foetidichthys hebeo, is a large, unique catfish from the swamps of Skull Island. It measures 2-3 feet long.

The broad-bodied stink-fish is a slow-moving barb with a nasty surprise for would-be predators. Glands on the inside walls of the catfish’s anus produce a powerful chemical “cocktail” that can be released in a cloud of evacuation when threatened. The milky cloud of chemicals and waste is potent enough to deter even the hungriest attacker, like a needlemouth or an udusaur. It also possesses an adhesive quality that binds it to the skin for some time after contact, its nauseating taste ensuring the memory of the encounter. Consequently, stink-fish are among the only inhabitants of the swamps and waterways able to roam surface carefree and without fear amid even the most fearsome of aquatic killers.


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