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The Termito'saurus, Formicavoro, is a strange, insectivorous eupelycosaur from the lowland plains of Skull Island. It measures 12-16 feet long.

One of the strangest of Skull Island’s unique animals is the bizarre insectivore commonly called termito’saurus. The termito’saurus has a shared ancestry with the carnivorous quadrupedal sphenacodontid synapsids; however, it opts for a diet of Skull Island termites, ants, and other small insects. With sturdy claws and protruding tusk-like teeth, a termito’saurus can tear into subterranean nests and concrete-hard Skull Island termite mounds, allowing a remarkably mobile, long, sticky tongue to lap at the insects inside. An acute sense of smell guides the plundering eupelycosaur to the nursery chambers of an ant or Skull Island termite colony where the protein-rich larvae can be found.

Termito’sauruses can defend themselves with force when necessary, but their principal defense is a pair of brightly colored dorsal fans that are rapidly deployed and flash to startle would-be greater predators.

Solitary creatures, they pair only briefly in the breeding season. Small clutches of eggs are laid in shallow, covered pits and left to develop and hatch on their own. The young dig their way to the surface, fully developed and ready to embark on their long careers as terrorizers of Skull Island’s small and multi-legged fauna.

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