We are in a period called the Holocene. The dominant species is us. We have shaped our world. Making wonderful cities, shaping landscapes, and fishing our oceans. But what if our time were come to an end? This is the story of a time beyond humanity. Life has ways of slipping through situations, like the one we are in now. Humans have altered our world a bit too much, pushing animals onto the endangered list. But unlike the future is wild or life after man, not much life seems to disappear. So for millions of years onward, life thrives.

The first period is the Goplantery, which sees the mammals as the dominant group. For a long time it was like this. This period had various epochs, most similar to those of the past. Some groups have declined, some have thrived. So is the climate of this time, mostly cold. This climate ends with the mass extinction that ends the period.

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