Some of you have probably noticed that your articles are gone. And some of you are probably pissed off about that. I won’t lie to you, it’s possible that we did delete something unfairly. Hell, maybe even probable; we deleted five hundred articles in about one day—that’s half of the articles on this site. But we had feathery-winged catfish, pegipuses, flying cats, and all sorts of crazy stuff around here. We were three guys trying to push back against the sheer amount of poorly-written articles that had flooded this site. Mistakes happen in that sort of atmosphere. My apologies if it did.

This is speculative evolution. Science fiction. That means you’ve got to pay attention to the laws of physics, and you’ve got to have a rationale for how things happen unless it is blindingly manifestly obvious how they did (like ‘The house cat population that I just explained would survive in England grew larger over time.’). That means if you’re going to defy our expectations, you need to be able to back it up. I’m not one to say you shouldn’t try and do the impossible—I’ve done the impossible and stuck plants in space—but you’ve got to have a good reason. If I just put ‘plants go into space’ my article should be deleted. But if I have a several paragraph long explanation of how plants got into space, then that is another matter. Evolutionary backstory is important; it’s what makes this speculative evolution rather than worldbuilding.

If you want the text of your article back, send me a shout and I’ll send you the raw code. But don’t stick it back up here. Not until you improve it vastly, or we decide upon an appeal that it’s actually good.

-- Citrakayah

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