The valuphant is found only on the tropical grassland plains of Lemuria. Massive horns, growing to nearly a meter in length, are the valuphant's main means of defense. Its eyes and ears are small to keep out the dust.

The valuphant, Valudorsum gravum, is a large, cattle-like bovine bovid from the tropical grasslands of Lemuria. It is the largest even-toed ungulate in Lemuria.

It is a massive animal some 5 meters long with a squat, rounded body and massive legs, resembling those of the gigantelopes to which it is distantly related to. Its most distinctive feature is the tall ridge running down its back and neck. The ridge is supported by the neural spines of the vertebrae and may be of use in regulating the animal's temperature.

The valuphant feeds only on herbs and roots, which it gouges up with its horns. The grasses themselves are eaten by more lightly built fleet-footed even-toed ungulates such as the snorke.

Valuphant 2

The valuphant is a valuable element of the Lemurian ecology. In digging for the roots on which it feeds it disturbs the soil and stimulates the regrowth of vegetation.