The Volucerictis, is a small, territorial volucerictid from the lowlands of Skull Island. It has a wingspan that measures 15-18 inches.

Emerging at night is a new cast of creatures in Skull Island’s lowlands. The insectivorous Volucerictis, a diminutive cousin of Terapusmordax, is one of these creatures. It leaves its daytime roosts in caves and hollow trees to hunt on the wing at dusk. With impressive night vision, the bat-like predator is able to hunt insects on all but the darkest nights.

Viciously territorial, mated pairs or single individuals maintain zero tolerance on interlopers near their roosts, especially when young are present. Deaths in airborne territorial disputes are not unheard of and, as prey for larger carnivores, defiant Volucerictis will fight, bitterly biting and scratching, to the last breath.

Predators include Terapusmordax.

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