The Weta-Rex, Deinacrida rex, is a large, vicious, strictly carnivorous giant weta from the chasms of Skull Island. Packs of these ravenous insects, defying gravity as they scamper across the slippery chasm walls, run down their prey and drag it down struggling. It measures 2-3 feet long.

Related to the giant weta of distant New Zealand, an ocean away, these huge prehistoric-looking cricket relatives vastly outsize their antipodean cousins. Appropriately dubbed weta-rexes, they are not shy herbivores or omnivores but ferocious, pack-hunting predators of the caves and chasms of Skull Island. Swarming in huge numbers, they will overwhelm and wear down any prey they come across, shredding even the largest dinosaurs with a thousand pairs of shearing mouthparts.

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