Large single predator of civet family (Viverridae), the descendant of the mongoose. This species, tropical by its origin, had expanded to mountains from warm southern foothills. Constitution the animal is similar to the dog’s one: at him it is a large head with lengthened strong jaws, high (in comparison with ancestors) legs, short tail. Length of the body is about 1 meter, tail - 30 cm, height at a shoulder is up to 60 cm. The head is similar to fox’s one, but ears are small and located on head sides. Jaws are strong, the animal usually kills catch by strong bite. Tail is covered with rich wool. Winter fur is white, summer - grey with brown “shabrack” and white spots on paws, on the head there is a longitudinal dark strip, ears are black. In winter on paws wool is especially rich: it allows to run on snow and to chase catch, not failing through it. Wolfneumon preys large animals, chasing them at the short distance, driving it to natural traps and attacking from an ambush. During the autumn beast eats juicy berries of plants. In winter time it hunts small mammals, digging them from under snow, and also searches for carrion. Monogamous animal, pairs are formed on one season. Hairless and blind cubs (2 - 4) are born in spring, first time the female constantly is in lair, and the male provides family with food. At the age of 2 weeks cubs begin to see clearly and start to hear, monthly cubs can leave shelter and play near to it. By the end of summer cubs start to study to hunt, and become completely independent in the winter and the family of animals breaks.

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